January 20, 2019

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Is Ahmad Bradshaw to the Colts a good move?


In a word, yes. The Colts had a huge, above-expectation season last year with 11 wins. The main weakness on that offense last year… the ground game.

In bringing in Ahmad Bradshaw, they are picking up a 27 year old but ran for 1,015 yards last year, scoring 6 touchdowns in 14 games at the Giants.

Bradshaw comes with another huge advantage to this team, he can pass-block. Andrew Luck with be a fan of this fact, after he was sacked 41 times last season. Not only that, but Bradshaw is a capable receiving back too which gives plenty more options in the backfield for Luck to exploit.

The one key factor (that lead to the Giants dropping him) that will need to be addressed is his health. Ahmad Bradshaw’s had a history of injury issues, which will see a rotation with Vick Ballard from time to time, but a healthy Ahmad Bradshaw is just what the Colts need to push forward this year.

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