September 25, 2018

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Deep, deep sleepers to keep in mind


Members of the Maddenizr team have been participating in drafts this week, with a few thoughts springing to mind.  When you’re in a 10+ team league, the first few rounds are hard enough… but what do you do when you’re in rounds 9 an onwards?

Now it’s time to do some real investigation work.

This can be a daunting task as there are a few things you need to know:-

  • who are the potential starters for all 32 teams?
  • who are their backups?
  • which backups are likely to be played in different scenarios?
  • which starters could be potentially overlooked, and become a fantasy gem?

At this early stage, it can be difficult to know for sure.  Usually, team training camps give us more of an idea but we can make educated guesses at this stage.

So who would we class as a “deep sleeper”?  Who should you look to target later in the rounds?  Here’s who we think you should look at.

Jordan Cameron (TE, Cleveland Browns)

With the tight end position being in the state it’s in at the moment, what with surgeries an legal matters, it’s always good to have a few on your draft board.  This third-year tight end is an athletic player with loads of statistical upside. Provided he can secure a starting role ahead of Kellen Davis, who isn’t that much of a pass catcher, Jordan Cameron should be a player to have on your fantasy radar. Not to mention new coach Rob Chudzinski, whose offense turned Greg Olsen into a top-10 fantasy tight end at the Panthers last year, has even come out and heaped praise on Cameron, as he called him a “good fit” for his offense.  What more do you need?

DeAndre Hopkins (WR, Houston Texans)

We all know that rookie wide receivers generally have a hard time making the leap to the NFL from college. Even so, I do believe DeAndre Hopkins can be a playmaking receiver for the Texans this year. Andre Johnson proved to be a stud last year, but he’s entering his 11th season. Also, look at the other receiver options Matt Schaub has in Houston… exactly!  Fair enough, Hopkins might not be the fastest of wide receivers, but he is fast enough and he does have other upsides.  His 10-inch hands mean that he will pull down any throw within his reach. He also manages to get good separation, allowing him to rack up a very impressive 18 touchdowns in his junior season at Clemson.

Isaiah Pead or Daryl Richardson, (RBs, St. Louis Rams)

This is a tough one to choose from as both have merit.  Pead, the sophomore out of Cincinnati, isn’t an every-down back but that’s not why the St Louis drafted him. He is a potential home run hitter along the lines of Reggie Bush or Darren Sproles.

If you’re prefer to a more traditional running back, go with Richardson, the Rams’ other second-year runner. He could be the thunder to Pead’s lightning… meaning he’ll more likely be the goal-line threat.

Ryan Tannehill (QB, Miami Dolphins)

Tannehill didn’t really have a great rookie season compared to the likes of RGIII, Luck and Wilson. He did, however, show some flashes of potential. This season he has new additions like Mike Wallace, Brandon Gibson and Dustin Keller at his disposal giving an improved arsenal, meaning Tannehill will be in a spot to make some great statistical strides in 2013.

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