September 25, 2018

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Dom's Top 20 Fantasy Quarterbacks


By now, you’re no doubt taking part in your fantasy drafts, and looking at who to take as your quarterback. Here’s my rankings.

1. Drew Brees

We all know who Drew Brees is and what he can do. Despite the Saints having a rough season last year, Brees still put up impressive numbers. This season the head coach is back and this could be a year where the Saints push to challenge for the NFC South title.

2. Peyton Manning

Two words… Peyton Manning! Not only is Peyton a proven stud, but when you take into consideration the weapons around him in Thomas, Decker and Welker to throw, not to mention the capable Dreessen and Tamme at tight end. The pre-season games have shown that the running game is still in question, which may mean more of an air game; just up Peytons street!

3. Aaron Rodgers

The Packers did a lot in the draft to try improve the running game, but let’s be honest. They’re still going to be a pass first team, and when the person doing the passing is Rodgers you can’t go far wrong. Last season Rodgers put up great numbers when you take into consideration how terrible the pass protection was in Green Bay.

4. Matt Ryan

The returning Tony Gonzalez joins probably the most dangerous wide receiver duo in the league, in Julio Jones and Roddy White. Throw in an upgraded running back in Steven Jackson who is a capable pass-catcher, and you’ve got enough weapons for ‘Matty Ice’ to be considered dangerous this season.

5. Cam Newton

Cam can, and definitely will run with the ball. The more athletic Cam gives the Panthers that extra string to their bow, which is much needed given their run game depends on DeAngelo Williams and b. The only reason Cam doesn’t make it to the #4 spot is because he doesn’t have as many weapons around him.

6. Tom Brady

Yes, the Patriots have lost a lot in the offseason. Yes, they still have issues on the roster with injuries. Yes… he’s still Tom Brady! OK, if he had some of the options he had last year he may have been a little higher up this list, but he’s still going to be a great option.

7. RG3

Sophomore year, coming off of a serious injury. That might just have been enough to make RG3 play more of a pass game with running as a final option. When RG3 plays the air game he is very dangerous, has great vision down the field and can send out the deep pass. That’s not to say we wont see RG3 on the run.

8. Matthew Stafford

It might be a shock to see the Detroit quarterback so high on this list, but the main reason is what he can do with Calvin Johnson on the field. Averaging 5,000 yards per season and an incredible 61 touchdowns over the last 2 years (41 in 2011), it’s hard to now consider Stafford as a starting fantasy QB.

9. Tony Romo

Whether you love him or hate him (mainly Cowboys fans), he’s still a viable starting QB when you take into consideration the weapons he has. Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Miles Austin. OK, so you’d prefer someone more reliable like Rodgers, but the Cowboys have a very favourable schedule. There are only really 2 games with a more difficult matchup (5 vs Denver, 14 at Chicago).

10. Andrew Luck

Luck was overshadowed by the other rookie quarterbacks last season in Russell Wilson and RG3, but the 1st overall pick of 2012 still managed to help take the Colts from a 2-14 season in 2011 to an unexpected playoff appearance in 2012. Last season, Luck threw nearly 4,400 yards and 23 touchdown. Expect more from Luck this season as the Colts brought in Darrius Heyward-Bey as another receiver, and Ahmad Bradshaw who can catch out of the backfield.

11. Colin Karpernick
12. Russell Wilson
13. Eli Manning
14. Andy Dalton
15. Carson Palmer
16. Matt Schaub
17. Ben Rothlisberger
18. Jay Cutler
19. Sam Bradford
20. Michael Vick


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