September 25, 2018

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Running Back: the position that you need to get right


I have only been playing fantasy for two years now but I can honestly say that I am completely hooked! These past two seasons of fantasy have certainly changed the way that I am going to draft this year (and hopefully help me retain my title in the league with my friends).

The first season I played I lead the league for a large majority of the season but I eventually missed out on the playoffs due to injuries to my running backs. I had Adrian Peterson and Ryan Mathews and when they went down, there was no one else to take over. Therefore drafting for the second season I had to prepare for injuries to my running backs. Maybe I went a bit mad but I ended up drafting 6 running backs! I also plan to do the same again this year.

Despite the NFL evolving into more of a “passing” league I actually believe that it is the running back position that is the most important position to get right. This is because I feel that there are around 12 quarterbacks who I would comfortably start in fantasy and also running backs are much more likely to suffer from injuries. Also I feel that more far more “sleeper” wide receivers emerge during the season than running backs therefore drafting well at the running back position is crucial.

Ideally you want to have two running backs who are the unquestioned number 1 running backs for their teams and also that they play for teams that rely heavily on the run game for example the Vikings, Texans etc.

When all of the starting running backs have been selected, it is important to start picking “sleeper” running backs, who could eventually emerge as potential starters as the season goes on. You want to be looking at running backs who are behind injury prone/players coming off an injury on the depth chart. Also look at the rookie running backs too who can often find themselves in a starting role as the coaches begin to trust them more.

Get the drafting of your running backs right and you could be a huge step closer to securing your fantasy title!

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